“We want to engage and empower local communities which will bring about changes in the delivery of services and ultimately impact on reducing re-offending among young people. The direct engagement of volunteers through panels is a clear example.”

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice

The network for sharing good practice to enable victims and neighbourhoods to deal  effectively with young offenders in the community.

We're developing a national identity and encouraging participation in search of standards and effective practice in community led  restorative justice.

A problem-solving community of practice.Space for sharing the corporate voice of 6000 volunteers in the youth justice system

Finding solutions to 3 questions:

What is the nature of the harm resulting from crime?

How should this harm be repaired?

Who is responsible for the repair?

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PanelMembers @SalBWMP Or money.

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PanelMembers RT @Voa1234: Benefit+cuts+for+parents+will+fail+if+we+ignore+the+reasons+why+young+people+skip+class https://t.co/1RpKG0LdFg

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PanelMembers @SalBWMP Agreed, but the presence of new opportunities does not mean they will be taken up esp if it means sharing power.

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