Behave, Or Else...

The Trauma Of Community Violence

My youth work story - how this mixed up kid found a purpose

A day in the life of a Troubled Families practitioner

How we learn to believe in ourselves - what it means to turn your life around

Needs, not deeds: the failure of Scotland’s Youth Justice System

I no longer assume that children have beds

Collateral Damage - a child affected by familial imprisonment

Family valued – a new approach to children’s social care in Leeds

Prosecutions are a shambles

Why children don’t disclose abuse…

Reasons why Kesia’s law distinguishes between the treatment of an adult detainee and someone under 18 in police custody  

Improving mental health outcomes for young people: the perspective of a GP trainee

TheStop and Search debate - Searching for Solutions

Kids Company – a symptom of system failure for children in need

New Youth Culture - Have We Underestimated Its Significance?

Why Britain’s schools are failing to tackle racism

Preventing Radicalisation: Let’s not clutch at straws

Children affected by domestic abuse

Changing Prisons - Saving Lives

Volunteers who deliver: how many are involved in public service delivery? 

 Mental health and young people: how early support makes sense

Troubled lives: supporting offenders who are also victims

‘Kesia’s law': anatomy of a successful campaign

Youth custody: Stolen lives and missed opportunities

School Refusal

Early Action is what police work should be all about 

There is no effective infrastructure for addressing adolescent mental health 

Secret Teacher: I feel like more of a social worker than a teacher  

Putting children first

On Human Rights Day let's talk about raising the age of criminal responsibility

Why I #DoDemocracy

Youth Court Sentences Explained

From “The Shock Doctrine” to “The Stigma Doctrine”

New rights for victims of crime

Community responses to child sexual exploitation (in 2 parts) 

Child protection systems – complex, not just complicated

Working together on a way out of the exclusion zone

An education system to change the lives of the most disadvantaged

Perpetrators or victims

Vulnerable defendants must be afforded the same protection as witnesses

Locked up? an end-to-end custody experience (Blogs 1- 4)

The Role of Community in Youth Offender Panels in England and Wales

Joint enterprise law seems to unfairly target young people

Hate Crime and Restorative Justice: Exploring Causes, Repairing Harms

We need to reform the justice system to bring redress for victims and to involve local communities in the punishment of minor offences

Social Justice: Building a future - The school years

Breaking the link between crime and homelessness

We must do more to protect children in prison

Punitive restoration

Working with disruptive adolescents (Building Relationships)

Police cells are no place for mental health patients

Moral entrepreneurs, ‘radical reform’ and factoids

Crime and punishment...I mean crime and non-punishment

Deep Value: We know it works

Young offenders: raising the age of criminal responsibility

All homeless 16 and 17-year-olds should be dealt with by social services departments

How do we help ‘unseen’ children access achievement?

Doin’ It For The Kids

Court Sentence: A parent's eye view

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