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'The Role of Community in Restorative Justice' by Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt, pub Routledge

Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 s.21 - Youth Offender Panels have statutory authority. Referral Orders are covered by section 16 of the Act.

BBC Learning Zone - Adam's Panel

         Video - Referral Panel Overview: North Yorkshire YJ Service



An independent review of the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals in the Criminal Justice System (CJS), chaired by David Lammy MP recommends Local Justice Panels



HMIP: Sentence aimed at turning young people away from crime could work better

Taylor Youth Justice review - CLINKS report on AOPM's reponse

Justice Committee - Role of the magistracy inquiry

Justice Committee - Response to the Restorative justice inquiry


Guardian letters: We believe it is essential that schools remain safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces where all children feel a sense of belonging, whatever their background.

Referral Order Guidance - Revised April 2015

Police and Children - Commons debate

Guardian Letters: Strip-search children in police stations as last resort only


 IPPR propose expansion of YOT panels to strategic rollout of Neighbourhood Justice Panels

AOPM responds to the Carlile inquiry into youth courts (p 153)


 AOPM responds to the Law Commission - Unfitness to plead in the Magistrates' Court


Referral Order guidance - Revised December 2012


 AOPM's response to the Justice Committee: The proposed abolition of the Youth Justice Board - August 2011

Law and Lawyers: The key features of the youth justice system

Referral order Guidance Amendment: Compensation Orders issued concurrently with Referral Orders to expire on completion of Referral Order instead of after 30 months


Green Paper -Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders (Paras 238-9) -December 2010

AOPM contributes to National Audit Office Report - December 2010

AOPM's submission to NIACE Independent Literacy Inquiry (Youth Offending)

Justice Minister Nov 2010 : " Volunteer Panel Members fit in with one of the main flagship commitments of Big Society"

AOPM's Joint Response with Khulisa UK to DCLG's Localism Inquiry - October 2010

6 year tenure limit removed - October 2010

AOPM proposes further expansion of community justice panels

Baroness Linklater House of Lords - Question on the future of Community Justice Panels - July 2010

Youth Crime Commission recommends abolition of referral orders and Panels (p64) - July 2010


 AOPM responds to the Commission on Youth Crime 2009

AOPM responds to DCSF's NEETs Inquiry - December 2009

Use of Referral Orders - Hansard 14 December 2009, c709W

Sentencing Guidelines Council November 2009 - RO mandatory and may be awarded twice

Effectiveness of Referral Orders - Hansard 23 June 2009 C741W

Outstanding Achievement 2009

2009 Conference

2009 Kidscount Award Nominee - North Lincolnshire YOT

Neuberger Report on volunteering in CJS criticises YJB's management of Panel Members (p19) - March 2009


Referral order has the lowest reconviction rate of any court sentence for under-18s. Hansard April 2008

DCLG proposes Panel Members' entitlement to time off work to perform their civic duties (Chapter 3)

Costs of Referral Orders vs other Community sentences - Hansard 2nd June 2008

2008 AOPM's nominee for Kidscount Award contributes to the Children's Society's inquiry into childhood

6 Year Tenure - Commons Hansard, 21st July 2008 Column 911W

Launch & Inaugural Conference 2008

The referral order at 44 per cent. has the lowest reconviction rate of any court sentence for under-18s – Hansard 29th April 2008


 AOPM's 1st national consultation of Panel Members - November 2007

Written answer to parliamentary question re funding AOPM - 25th June 2007



The Youth Justice System 2001 - BBC News

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